We share our expertise with AFTES

AD-LAB shares its expertise in the special congress 2023 issue of "Tunnels and Underground Space" magazine. This event gives us the opportunity to share our passion for geology, which is our area of expertise. AFTES' mission is to share know-how, advance knowledge, promote underground space, inform through its publications and encourage training. That's why AD-LAB is keen to contribute our geological expertise to the advancement of the entire sector.

This special issue "Underground at the heart of transitions" tackles a major topic for the future. And AD-LAB is convinced that underground infrastructures can help us make the transition to a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly future. With this in mind, we have shared our experience in managing asbestos risk.

Asbestos is a real issue for the sector, particularly in view of the new P94-001 regulations which have a direct impact on it.

We are committed to environmentally-friendly practices and sustainable solutions. This is at the heart of our mission, particularly when it comes to asbestos risk management. We are proud to focus on asbestos and contribute to safe, sustainable projects.

We would like to express our gratitude to "Tunnels and Underground Space" magazine for this opportunity. AD-LAB is committed to sharing its expertise in discussions for a safer, more sustainable future. That's why it's crucial that we work together to improve our working environment. By pooling our efforts, we can develop practices aimed at reducing pollution on our worksites. This will have a positive impact on air and water quality, and therefore on public health. Collective thinking fosters innovation and creates healthier, more sustainable communities. Together, we can shape a better future for all.

For further information, please consult the special issue.Tunnels and Underground Space - N°284 ".


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